Update on the Sale of 65 E. Huron

In September, the diocese’s Bishop and Trustees (B&T), the body that holds title to the real property of the diocese, announced its intent to offer the diocesan headquarters at 65 E. Huron for sale.

Since then, the B&T task force working on the sale has met several times with broker CBRE, says trustee Mike Mattson, to begin the process of selling 65 E. Huron. The marketing materials for the sale should be available in the first quarter of 2021.

As part of the sales process, the task force has met with representatives of St. James Cathedral each month since September to assess the cathedral’s needs and to incorporate them into the marketing campaign to the extent possible, says trustee Lonn Myers. The primary goal of the sale is to assure the long-term financial viability of the entire diocese, he says, and the task force plans to meet with cathedral representatives regularly to ensure that the cathedral is reasonably involved and accommodated in the process.