About the Ministry

The Episcopal Diocese of Chicago seeks to serve the formation of young people in Christ, to empower leaders for ministry, and to establish connections with the wider Episcopal Church. The diocese offers a variety of youth events and programs in addition to support, resource sharing, and networking for congregations and adult youth leaders.


Facebook Group

In this Facebook Group for Adult Youth Leaders we hope to facilitate connection between youth leaders in the diocese. This is a great place to ask questions, share resources, and discuss best practices with colleagues as we seek to share Christ with young people.


Forma is a community of Christian educators, formation professionals, and youth ministers from the Episcopal Church. The Forma website has a wide range of resources, including curriculum descriptions and recommendations for all ages.

Formation Resources

Summary and links for various children’s programs and curricula in use in the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago.

Release Form/Waiver Template

Churches frequently ask for sample release forms (waivers) for use in parish youth events and trips. Feel free to use our Diocesan Youth Event Release Form as a template.