The Endowment Fund of the Diocese of Chicago is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation that holds and invests funds for the benefit of the Diocese of Chicago and disburses them to the diocese to support its ministries. The endowment fund supports ministries that build and strengthen lay and ordained leadership, sustain and invigorate parishes and missions, and develop programs that support meaningful Christian formation for all ages. The fund also seeks to build the resources necessary for responding to future ministry opportunities in the diocese.

Members of the Endowment Fund include the bishop and the chair of the Standing Committee.  They appoint the trustees of the fund, a committee of clergy and lay representatives from across the diocese. Each appointment is subject to confirmation at the annual diocesan convention.  The group is charged with overseeing the funds in the Diocesan Endowment Account; raising funds for that account; and the occasional distribution of those funds.  The trustees also oversee The Society of Miriam, the legacy society of the Diocese of Chicago.

Thriving Together

In 2018-2020 the Trustees engaged the Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) to provide capital campaign consultancy and support to congregations of all sizes throughout the diocese through a program called Thriving Together.  Participating congregations will work with a consultant from ECF to develop a fundraising campaign and stewardship plan that is tailored to their needs and resources. Learn more about Thriving Together. 

For more information about the Trustees of the Endowment or Thriving Together, please contact Crystal Plummer.

Trustees of the Endowment Fund as of July 2020


Bishop Jeffrey Lee

The Rev. Anne Jolly
President, Standing Committee
Rector, St. Gregory’s  Episcopal Church


Michael Clark, Chair (through 2021)
St. Andrews, Grayslake

Peter Willmott, (through 2020)
St. Chrysostom, Chicago

Robert Murley (through 2020)
Church of the Holy Spirit, Lake Forest

The Rev. John Blossom (through 2020)

The Rev. Walter (Wes) Smedley (through 2020)
Rector, St. Chrysostom Episcopal Church

Peter Rossiter (through 2021)
St. Elisabeth’s, Glencoe

Crystal Plummer (through 2021)
Director of Networking
Episcopal Diocese of Chicago


Michael Peregrine (through 2021)
Christ Church, Winnetka


Jen Boyle-Tucker
Communications & Networking Assistant