Christ-centered, inclusive, sustained by prayer and committed to service, the Diocese of Chicago devotes itself to three simple goals: Grow the Church. Form the faithful. Change the world.

We welcome skeptics, seekers and believers into a community of some 31,000 baptized members, nearly 400 clergy and 122 congregations spread across 21 counties in northern and west central Illinois.

Rooted in the church’s Anglo-Catholic tradition, we are strengthened by a diversity of cultural, liturgical and theological expression. Our diocese is known for its emphasis on leadership and congregational development.

Our commitment to social witness and community service is expressed through the work of Episcopal Charities and Community Services, and a variety of diocesan and parish-based initiatives.

We are proud to be one of the 113 domestic and overseas dioceses comprising The Episcopal Church, one of the 38 member churches, or provinces, of the worldwide Anglican Communion.