The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Chicago is a council of advice for the bishop. We serve as a sounding board for any topic or issues that the bishop would like to address.

While we await the ordination and consecration of our new bishop, the Standing Committee will serve as the ecclesiastical authority of the diocese, according to Article IV of the Constitution of the Episcopal Church.

The Standing Committee is elected by representatives from every congregation in the Diocese, gathered in Diocesan Convention. Every Episcopal Diocese (the regional body of the Episcopal Church, under the authority of a bishop) has a Standing Committee, with responsibilities assigned by the Canons of the Episcopal Church. A majority of the Standing Committees of all dioceses have to consent when any diocese elects a new bishop. If a diocese does not have a bishop, the Standing Committee has the authority to make certain decisions for the diocese.

To be ordained as a deacon or priest in the Episcopal Church requires the approval of the Standing Committee of the Diocese, so in the Diocese of Chicago, the Standing Committee works closely with the Commission on Ministry from the time a person is nominated by their congregation until they are ordained. See the Commission on Ministry page for a full description of this process. They are also legally required to approve decisions about clergy leaving the Episcopal Church for any cause.

In the Diocese of Chicago, the members of the Standing Committee elect a President each year, who is also automatically a member of the Trustees of the Endowment during their term.

2022 Standing Committee

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month from 6 – 8 pm, at the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago, St. James Commons (when possible) or virtually.

Meeting Minutes

Summaries of the Standing Committee meetings will be posted to this page as they are available. View the meeting summaries for the following meetings: April 2021, March 2021, January 2021, December 2020, October 2020, September 2020, August 2020, July 2020, June 2020, May 2020, April 2020, March 2020, February 2020, January 2020, December 2019, November 2019, October 2019, September 2019, July 2019, June 2019, May 2019, April 2019, March 2019, February 2019, January 2019

Archived meeting summaries from 2017-2018 are available here.