Suspension of In-Person Worship to Extend Beyond Easter

Bishop Jeff Lee announced today that the suspension of in-person worship in the diocese would extend beyond Holy Week and Easter.

“While I never thought I would find myself canceling the services at the heart of our liturgical year, I do so now because we must do everything we can to impede the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Lee said. “Jesus commands us to love our neighbor, and sometimes we must do that by fasting from the company of the people we love and the services that bring us peace and joy.”

The bishop has encouraged congregations to explore online worship. In addition, he will preach in liturgies for this Sunday, Holy Week and Easter Day that will be prerecorded at St. James Cathedral and made available online. Additional details will be available this week.

Lee’s announcement follows Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s March 17 request that in-person public worship, including Holy Week and Easter services, be suspended.

In a letter to the diocese on March 12, the bishop suspended in-person worship, meetings and events across the diocese until further notice. Some of these meetings will be conducted online. Consult the diocesan calendar for details.

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