If you are clergy person who is moving from one congregation to another, or a lay person leading your parish through a clergy transition, you’ve come to the right place. This section includes all of the forms, resources and contact information you will need to make the job as easy as possible.

Your Transitions Contact on the bishop’s staff is Andrea Mysen, director of ministries, 312.751.4203.

The ministries office assists the bishop and the director of ministries in the pastoral ministry of oversight to serve clergy and congregations in times of transition. The office oversees the full scope of the search/discernment process. This includes explaining the search process to the vestry of a parish in transition, coaching the vestry and search committee through the process, defining alternatives for the interim priest, publicizing the opening, serving as a liaison to the national church, vetting candidates, and presenting candidates to the bishop for his approval. Interested candidates may apply directly to parishes listed on the open positions list (a link to the diocesan site where positions are posted).

For clergy

If you are looking for a new position, start with the Episcopal Church’s Office for Transition Ministry. Remember that you are welcome to talk to the director or ministries about your plans when and if you are considering another position, especially outside of the diocese.

For lay leaders

If you need to find a priest to preside at Sunday services, start with this listing of Supply Clergy, which also includes information on how much supply clergy are paid.

For all parties

Here is the paperwork for hiring and administering the benefits on full-time or part-time clergy, as well as information on taxes.

2022 Full Time LOA Template

2022 Part Time LOA Template

2022 Interim Full Time LOA Template

2022 Interim Part Time LOA Template

2022 Associate Full Time LOA Template

Clergy Benefits Overview

Health and Dental Insurance

Tax Guide