Bishop’s Appeal Thanks from Bishop Chilton

Dear People of the Diocese of Chicago,

In November I asked for your support of the Bishop’s Appeal as a gesture of gratitude for all that God has given us. It was important to me that we close out this most challenging year in our diocesan life with a commitment to our shared ministry, and to the programs and people who will continue to make a difference in our communities and in this church we love.

I am delighted to share my thanks for all who gave, raising nearly $50,000 before the end of 2021. These contributions, along with those made to the Convention Offering and the Easter Appeal, are a true testament to the light of Christ in our communities and will help fund ministries in our diocese and beyond.

It is a great blessing to share ministry with you here in the Diocese of Chicago. Happy New Year to you all.


Listed below are donors whose gifts to the Advent Bishop’s Appeal were received by December 31, 2021:

Ms. Venessa Acham
Mr. Richard Alston, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Anderson
Ms. Lynne Atherton
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Atwater
Mr. John Atwood
Ms. Linda Aubel-Edick
The Rev. & Mrs. Luke Back
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Baum
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Becker
Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Beine
The Rev. Brian Beno & Ms. Theresa Hansen-Beno
The Rev. Andrea Billhardt
Mr. & Mrs. John Brackett
Mrs. Susan Burke
Mr. Jack Butler & Mr. John VanderLinden
Mr. Bill Call
The Rev. Peter Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Cantu
The Rev. & Mrs. F. Newton Carpenter, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Chabraja
The Rev. Dr. Jane & Mr. Michael Clark
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Cothran
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Cropper, III
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cross
Mr. Jeffrey Cummings
Mrs. Phala T. Daniel Diggs
Mr. & Mrs. John Davis, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Debush
The Rev. Jeannette DeFriest & Ms. Diane Todd
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Deisinger
The Rev. Dekker & Mrs. Childs Dekker
Ms. Ruth Denofrio
Mr. Chris DeWitt
Mr. & Mrs. Angelo DiGangi
Mr. Kevin Dougherty
Mrs. Patricia Dreibelbis
Ms. Beth Drinan
Ms. Diane Edwards
Mr. & Mrs. James Edwards
The Rev. Scott Elliott & Mrs. Cynthia Cheski
Mr. Thomas Ewing
Ms. Susan Fasciano
Ms. Lisa Finch
Mr. & Ms. Seth Flanders
Mr. David Fleer
Mr. & Mrs. W. Craig Fowler
The Rev. Donald Frye & Mr. David Shallow
Mr. & Mrs. Glen Gaffney
Dr. Martha Gano
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Garrity
Ms. Drew Gay
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Gehlbach
Ms. Maureen Gerrity
Dr. Dorothy A. Gibbs
Dr. Emily Gill
Mrs. Carolyn Glade
Dr. Lin & Dr. Erica Goldstone
The Rev. Laura and Dr. Gottardi-Littell
Ms. Paula Grasso
The Rev. Dr. David Grauer
The Rev. Larry Green
The Rev. Drury & The Rev. Linda Green
The Most Rev. & Mrs. Frank Griswold, III
Ms. Valerie Gruenwald
Mr. Alan Gunn & Ms. Maria Pfister
Ms. Susan Haddad
Mr. & Mrs. Bennie Hale
The Rev. & Mrs. Larry Handwerk
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harvey
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Hatcher
Mr. William Hauworth, II
Mrs. Rosalie Hawkins
The Rev. Judith & Mr. William Heinrich
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Herget
Mr. & Mrs. Roberto Hernandez
Mr. Steven Heyman & Mrs. Kate Baldwin
Dr. John Hilburger
Ms. Elizabeth Hinds
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Hofer
Canon Richard Hoskins
Ms. Judith Huchthausen
Kendall Hudson
Ms. Deborah Huggett
The Rev. & Mrs. George Hull
Mrs. Gail Hunt
The Rev. Alan James & The Rev. Lisa Hackney-James
Mr. & Mrs. Ravin Jesuthasan
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Johns
Ms. Mary Johnson
Mr. Richard Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Jones
Ms. Marzelle Jones
Ms. Marjorie Jones
Ms. Doris Jones
Mrs. Beverly Joutras
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Kampert, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Karrison
Mr. & Mrs. John Kennedy
Mr. Jeff Kincaid
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Koepke
Mr. Richard Kraus
Mrs. Bonnielynn Kreiser
The Rev. Dr. JoAnn Lagman & Ms. Julie Hanson
Ms. Andrea Lamoreaux
Mrs. Barbara Larsen
Mrs. Laurence Larson
Mr. Mark Lea & Mrs. Katrina Ceasario
Dr. & Ms. Milind Lele
Mr. & Mrs. James Lenz
Ms. Lisa Linsky
The Rev. & Mrs. Robert Lowe
The Very Rev. Lori Lowe & The Rev. William McLemore
Mrs. Vivian Lund
The Rev. Richard Lundgren & Dr. Robert Davis
The Rev. Diane Luther
The Rev. and Mrs. Robert Macfarlane
Miss Alice Magos
The Rev. & Mrs. Joseph Mazza
Mr. Andy McCormack
Mrs. Anne McIntosh
Mr. & Mrs. Terry McKinnon
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent F. McMahon
Mr. Arthur McQueen
Mr. & Mrs. David McQuestion
The Rev. Dr. Meyers & The Rev. Prechtel
The Rev. Sterling Minturn
The Rev. Dr. Clint & Dr. Jane Moore
Mrs. Hazel Moore
The Rev. Terri Morrissey
Mr. Allen Moye
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Mulder
Mr. Stephen Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. Lonn Myers
The Rev. James Nako
The Rev. Sue Nebel
The Rev. Canon Dolores Maria Neighbors
Mr. & Mrs. Conway Newton
Mr. Robert Norton
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Pardue
The Rev. Dr. & Ms. Jason Parkin
The Rev. Charles & The Rev. Evelyn Payson
Mrs. Margaret Pernau
Mrs. Anne T. Peters
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Petersen
The Rev. Robert Petite & The Rev. Mark Tabbut
The Rev. Canon Dr. J. Peter Pham
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Plummer
The Rev. & Mrs. W. Craig Pooser
Mr. Richard Porter
The Rev. Dr. Meredith Potter
Ms. Christine Price
The Rev. Alonzo Pruitt
Ms. Dorothy Ramm
The Rev. Juan Reed
The Rev. Courtney Reid & Ms. Pam Palmentera
Mr. Edgar Reihl
Ms. Elizabeth Rice
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Richmond
Mr. Jack W. Roadman
Mr. & Mrs. Toby Roberts
The Rev. & Mrs. Virgil Robinson, Jr.
Ms. Melba Rodriguez
Mr. Eric Rodriguez
The Rev. William Roeger
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Rossiter
Ms. Maria Saenz
The Rev. Jane & Mr. Craig Schaefer
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Schaefer
Mr. Charles Schaller
Dr. Gretchen Schlabach
Mr. & Mrs. John Schori
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Searles
Mr. & Mrs. William Setterstrom
The Rev. Eileen & Mr. Ross Shanley-Roberts
Mr. Mike Shore
Ms. Kathleen Simms
Ms. Laura Singer
The Rev. Mary & Mr. George Slenski
Mr. Stan Sloan
Mr. & Mrs. Newland Smith, III
Mr. John Snyder
The Rev. Sue & Mr. Rick Sommer
Miss Jenny Speers
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Spencer
Ms. Mary Summerfield
Mr. & Mrs. Casmir Szczepaniak
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Szerlong
Mr. Thomas Tabern
The Rev. Kathie & Mr. Thomas Tepavchevich
Mrs. Jean Tolle
Dr. Florence Townsend
The Rev. Mary Tudela
The Rev. Canon Jean Parker & Mr. Thomas Vail
The Rev. & Mrs. Ronald Valentine
Ms. Ann Waalen
The Rev. & Dr. Wagner Sherer
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Walther
Mr. Michael Waltz & Mr. Steven Britt
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Warski
Mr. Thomas Wattley
Mr. & Mrs. H. Waring Webb
Dr. Elizabeth Weber
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wells
Ms. Jeanne Widing
Mr. & Mrs. William Widmer, III
The Rev. & Mrs. Courtlyn Williams
Ms. Nancy Wilson
The Rev. Barbara Wilson & Ms. Lynne Jacobson
Ms. Linda Winter
The Rev. Robert Wyatt, II & Ms. Terri Lackey
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Youngren
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Zafirovski
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Zawacke
Grace Episcopal Church, Pontiac, IL
Many generous donors who wish to remain anonymous