For Newly Ordained Clergy and Those in New Calls

Fresh Start is a diocesan-led program to support clergy in new positions.  Recently ordained clergy and clergy in new positions participate in quarterly meetings aimed at offering support during the beginning of new ministries, exploring effective leadership practices, building relationships and sharing resources. Fresh Start is planned and led by Andrea Mysen, Director of Ministries, and by several mentors and small group leaders throughout the diocese.

The program is designed to:

  • Offer guidance and support during transition to a new ministry
  • Help build relationships among clergy and congregations in the diocese
  • Strengthen the collaboration between clergy and their congregational lay leaders
  • Provide one-on-one mentors for participants

Highlights of Fresh Start:

  • Participants become a part of the fruitful exchange of ideas among clergy in the diocese
  • A wealth of resources for congregational development are introduced and made available
  • Participants experience an increased capacity to minister to one another and to their congregations
  • Lasting relationships among clergy in the diocese are created


Fresh Start meets quarterly as a large group. Fresh Start participants also meet with a small group made up of their peers and led by a member of the clergy experienced in the specific field of ministry for each small group (for example, assisting clergy, first time rectors, experienced rectors in a new call, clergy in non-parochial calls, etc.). Small groups meet at the discretion of the small group leader. Mentors are provided for newly ordained clergy and first time rectors.

The 2021-2022 Fresh Start schedule will be available soon. Gatherings begin at 9:30 am with a continental breakfast and coffee, and conclude at 3 pm. Lunch is provided.


For more information on Fresh Start, please contact Louisa McKellaston, Assistant for Ministries, or Andrea Mysen, Director of Ministries.