Churches and youth leaders are often looking for the latest and greatest when it comes to curriculums and programs for ministry with young people. Here’s a good place to start and feel free to contact us for a consultation or specific questions in regard to resources for your ministry.

Peer Ministry Leadership

PEER MINISTRY LEADERSHIP is a ministry that is lived every day, everywhere and in every relationship. PML works with all denominations. The theology is Christian, and flows from the Good Samaritan Story, with an emphasis on relational caring, welcoming, and affirming skills.

Facebook Group for Adult Youth Leaders

We hope to facilitate connection between youth leaders in the diocese. This FACEBOOK GROUP for youth leaders is a great place to to ask questions, share resources, and discuss best practices with colleagues as we seek to serve the formation of young people in Christ.


FORMA is a community of Christian educators, formation professionals, and youth ministers from the Episcopal Church. The Forma website has a wide range of resources, including curriculum descriptions and recommendations for all ages. And Forma also holds a yearly conference in January.

My Faith, My Life

MY FAITH, MY LIFE is a handbook for teens in the Episcopal Church and one of the more widely used books for confirmation classes. It is also an  excellent resource for  youth study groups and high school Christian education programs. My Faith, My Life covers everything from scripture, church history, and sacraments, to the meaning of prayer and ministry in the lives of real teens today.

Church Publishing

With a religious publishing heritage dating back to 1918 and headquartered today in New York City, CHURCH PUBLISHING is an official publisher of worship materials and resources for The Episcopal Church, plus a multi-faceted publisher and supplier to the broader ecumenical marketplace.


RE:FORM is a youth ministry program of 40 lessons that tackle questions about the Bible, creed, disciples, Jesus, other beliefs, and hot topics.

Release Form/Waiver Template

Churches frequently ask for sample release forms for use for parish youth events and trips. Feel free to use our DIOCESAN YOUTH EVENT RELEASE FORM as a template.

Children’s Formation Resources

Provides summary and links for various programs and curricula for CHILDREN’S FORMATION in use in the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago.