Camp Chicago Leadership Team

The Camp Chicago Leadership Team is a core group of staff members that guides the Camp Chicago program, prepares for camp in the off season, and serves as the administrative leadership during the camp sessions. This group sets the tone for the program and helps make it the outstanding ministry it is.

Meet the Team

Serve on staff with Camp Chicago

Do you care for young people? Love the outdoors? Want to serve Christ and help campers grow in their faith? Then Camp Chicago might be a perfect fit for you. We are looking for staff who will help to nurture a diverse Christian community for our campers ages 7-17.

Online applications will be available in November. Tell us what role you think would be right for you or feel free to ask if you’d like to know more about individual job responsibilities and assignments. Salaries start at $200 per week (housing and meals provided) and staff members must be able to attend the entire camp season. Contact Chad Senuta with questions.

Know someone who would be a good fit at Camp Chicago? Please spread the word!

Who are the Camp Chicago staff?

Our staff are faithful, fun-loving, and adventurous Christian leaders who are passionate about camp ministry and helping young people grow in their faith. They are young adults ages 18 and up who come from all over our diocese and beyond.

Are staff members trained and certified?

Yes! Camper safety is our highest priority, so we make sure our staff are prepared. All Camp Chicago staff members participate in a week of training and orientation prior to the campers’ arrival. This includes instruction in CPR, First Aid, Emergency preparedness, Multi-cultural awareness, Child Development, Safeguarding God’s Children (abuse prevention), What it means to be Episcopalian, and Team Building. Our waterfront staff are also American Red Cross certified in Lifesaving and in Water Safety Instruction.

What do the staff do?

Our staff serve in a variety of roles at camp. Cabin Counselors work closely with their cabin and supervise them throughout the day, shepherding them to activities. They also facilitate Christian community in these smaller groups, helping to connect the Biblical Theme to daily life at camp through prayer, reflection, and discussion. Program Staff offer instruction in a variety of daily classes like Archery, Swimming, Canoeing, Arts and Crafts, and Outdoor Adventure to name a few. Finally, it takes a lot of behind the scenes work to make camp run smoothly. The “Floaters” are the faithful staff who deliver the water, set out the game equipment, and bring the tents for the campout. The Camp Chicago Staff is truly the backbone of our program and makes the ministry exceptional through professionalism and service to the campers.

How are staff impacted by serving at Camp Chicago?

Our staff members consistently tell us that being a part of the Camp Chicago Staff is a life changing experience. They receive support, mentoring, and training that not only prepares them for their role at camp but also provides life skills that are applicable in college, their vocation, and daily life. Staff members feel welcomed and loved by the community, which becomes a microcosm of the Church, helping deepen their connection to God and their faith. And staff members are given meaningful work with important responsibilities. They know they are needed and expected to contribute. All of these things combine to make service at Camp Chicago highly impactful. So it’s important to note that camp is not only a ministry to campers but also to our staff.