Camp Chicago Express 2021

What is the schedule? 

  • Camp Chicago Express packages will be delivered by July 10. (If you have questions about your delivery, contact Chad Senuta.)
  • We’ll begin with a welcome and introduction at 7 pm on Sun. July 11.
  • We will start each day with prayer and reflection at 10 am followed by a class at 11 am with one of our staff members.
  • These videos will be posted using Facebook Live on our Camp Chicago Facebook Page.
    • The videos will be recorded and can be viewed at any time after they are posted. You can find recorded videos here.
    • You do not need a Facebook account to view the videos.
  • We will have a closing service on Zoom on Friday at 11 am. The link will be emailed to parents.
  • Here is the FULL SCHEDULE for the week of Camp Chicago Express.
  • Morning Prayer and Devotional Liturgy.
  • Kudoboard – This is a place to share your experiences of Camp Chicago Express or just share something you love about Camp Chicago. Let’s remind one another of the connections that make this community so great!
  • Bid you Goodnight – Here are the words for the song Chad introduced in the welcome video.

Can anyone participate in Camp Chicago Express? 

Absolutely! We sent supplies to registered campers, but the videos are available to all. Anyone can join in! We recommend inviting friends and family to participate. Make the items together and enjoy. For Wednesday, you may want to make an evening of it with tin foil dinners and s’mores. We’ll teach you how to do it, even if you don’t have a campfire.

Our purpose at Camp Chicago 

At Camp Chicago we seek to nurture a diverse Christian community, and we strive to give our campers the best week of their entire year. We want them to have fun and know what it means to laugh so hard you’re gasping for air. We want them to feel challenged and know they can dare to attempt new things. We want them to make lasting friendships. And we want them to know they are loved by God and called to a life of purpose and meaning.