Convention to Elect the Thirteenth Bishop on December 12

The convention to elect the 13th Bishop of Chicago will be conducted online via Zoom webinar on Saturday, December 12 from 9:30 am to approximately 3 pm. Download the agenda for the convention.

Registration is required for lay delegates and canonically resident clergy only. All others may view the convention via livestream. In addition to registering, all churches and campus ministries must submit a delegate certification form.

Online registration in English
Online registration in Spanish
Certification form for Congregations
Certification form for Campus Ministries

For help with registration or certification please contact Karin Gutierrez by email or phone (312.751.4219).

The electing convention will be streamed on YouTube for the general public. Results of each ballot will be posted on the diocese’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Rules of Order

Download the Rules of Order for the Electing Convention

Please note Rule 14: “In each ballot, the Clergy and Lay Delegates shall vote electronically and separately by Orders. When, in respect of any ballot, two-thirds of all the Clergy entitled to vote are present and two thirds of all the Congregations entitled to vote are represented by Delegates who are present, then a concurrent majority in each Order shall determine a choice. If two-thirds of the Clergy or Congregations are not present (as described above), then two-thirds of the votes of each Order shall be necessary to determine a choice. [Dio Con 16.4] In either case, a quorum must be present for each ballot. [Dio Con 13]”

Convention Morning Prayer

Convention morning prayer begins at 9:30 am. The service includes a combination of pre-recorded and live elements. Bishop Lee will preach. The service will be broadcast on YouTube for those who are not voting members of convention.

Electing Convention Preview and Practice Video

On December 7 and 8, clergy and delegates to the electing convention gathered on Zoom webinar to practice the online tools and procedures that will be used on December 12. Watch a video of the December 8 meeting:

Candidate Materials

Learn more about the candidates for bishop on the Bishop Search website.