Clergy News

COVID-19 Guidelines for Deacons Participating in Liturgies

On March 29, the bishop’s staff, in consultation with the bishop-elect and COVID-19 advisory team, issued updated guidelines for deacons participating in liturgies. The guidance is as follows:
  1. Prior to setting the table, deacons should conspicuously use hand sanitizer to clean their hands prior to touching any of the elements.
  2. When setting the table, the hosts should already be on the paten, and if not should be emptied from the container onto the paten. The deacon may also pour the wine into the chalice.
  3. After setting the table, the deacon should move at least 6 feet away from the priest.
  4. For now, the deacon should not elevate the chalice.
  5. All must wear masks regardless of vaccine status.