Baptismal ministry can take many forms.  It can involve an immediate response to a crisis or other event. It can be lived out over many years, as with a career. Or it can involve a life-long relationship such as marriage or parenthood.

Some ministries take place within the four walls of a church. Other ministries involve service to the broader community, such as promoting peace and justice, working toward racial reconciliation, visiting prisoners, assisting the needy, or being a health care provider.

Some people find their vocation through their work. Others find their calling in other activities such as coaching, gardening, bringing food to a family in crisis, or preparing bags of toiletries for homeless folk.

Many people already have ministries that we are living out. They simply need a new awareness of our faith-centered intentions.

If you are considering how to find or deepen a vocation, consider these questions:

  • What activities in your life do you consider life-giving?
  • What activities make you feel closer to humankind? To God?
  • Where do your gifts meet the world’s needs?

Discovering one’s gifts and discerning how best to share them is a process that engages our best efforts every day. Anyone desiring supportive guidance in this discernment process might consider gathering a “clearness committee,” a small group of people you trust, to share in prayer and reflective conversation with you around your question about your ministry.

If you are committed to exploring ordained ministry, you will work with a discernment committee within your congregation or community. You can learn about that process elsewhere in this section.