The Congregations Commission’s mission is to support, develop, and equip church leaders to strengthen their congregations’ health and vitality. To that end, the Commission has three areas of focus: The College for Congregational Development (CCD) trainings, development and training of the CCD Consulting network, and the provision of the Vitality Grant program. Within the Commission, an Oversight Committee and a Grant Committee work collaboratively with the Director of Ministries in these three areas.

A bit about each area:

The College for Congregational Development

Launched in 2016, The College for Congregational Development (CCD) is offered as either a summer week-long intensive, or as a weekend program during the program year (note: the weekend program is on hiatus due to COVID, with plans to resume in early 2021.) In addition to ensuring the planning of these offerings, the oversight committee is exploring other ways to make CCD material available, especially for congregations that find current CCD offerings prohibitive, given physical distance or time constraints.

Consulting Network

The consulting network is comprised of lay and ordained graduates of CCD who demonstrate a strong grasp of the CCD material, and have a passion for working with church leaders. New consultants are recruited and trained annually, and are available to work with congregations in a variety of ways. Learn more about CCD and the Consulting Network.

Vitality Grants

The Commission administers annual vitality grants to support congregational health and vitality, with the majority of funding coming from Bishop and Trustees. The 2021 Vitality Grant decisions were made in November 2020, and total grant funds awarded were $350,000. The Grant Committee has members from various diocesan entities, as noted below.

The 2021 grant recipients and grant amounts can be found here.

Committee Members

Oversight Committee: Jaime Briceno, Anne Jolly, Greg Millikin, Andrea Mysen

Vitality Grant Committee: Silvia Herrera (Hispanic Affairs committee), Marvin Hill (Antiracism Commission), Amity Carrubba (Bishop and Trustees), Pat Cornelius Woods (Diocesan Council), Greg Millikin (Oversight Committee).