Bishop’s Appeal 2020

Dear People of God in the Diocese of Chicago,

The diocese is buzzing with excitement over the election of the Rev. Canon Paula Clark as your thirteenth bishop. I am writing to ask you to amplify this joyful noise by making a gift to the Bishop’s Appeal.

I’ve been requesting your support of this appeal twice each year since I became your bishop in 2008 because its success is essential to the vitality of our mission and ministry. It would delight me if you would respond to my final appeal with a lavish display of generosity that will buoy the spirts of my successor as she prepares to become your bishop.

Contributions to the Bishop’s Appeal will ensure that Bishop-elect Clark and her staff will have the resources they need to foster vital congregations and develop creative leaders. Your generosity will help sustain our energetic efforts to dismantle racism in our diocese, our church and the wider society. And, perhaps most importantly in this time of pandemic, it will fortify our efforts to assist congregations with the various pastoral and economic emergencies that occur at times like these.

Fittingly—for it is Advent—the Diocese of Chicago has entered an enthusiastic period of anticipation and change. Your gift can help provide a significant demonstration of support for the future of our diocese and its people. Please join me in providing the warmest possible welcome for Bishop-elect Clark by making a generous contribution to the Bishop’s Appeal.

Thank you, too, for your generosity over the years. You will be in my prayers in the years ahead, and I hope I will be in yours. It has been a profound honor to serve as your bishop.


The Rt. Rev. Jeffrey D. Lee
Bishop of Chicago